Editor Code of Conduct

The Editorial Committee is composed of the Editor-in-Chief and editorial committee members, who must be regular members of the Society and full-time faculty members at domestic or overseas universities (or have equivalent qualifications). The Editor-in-Chief is appointed by the President and approved by unanimous Board consent. The Editor-in-Chief organizes the Editorial Committee and obtains the Board’s approval. The terms for the Editor-in-Chief and committee members are determined in accordance with the rules approved by the Board and may be reappointed for consecutive terms.

The Editorial Committee oversees all tasks related to the publication of the Korean Journal of Child Studies. The Editorial Committee will meet within 1 week after submission deadlines and select three experts in relevant subject areas to serve as reviewers. The Editorial Committee will verify that reviewer feedback is properly reflected in revised papers and request further revisions if necessary. The Editorial Committee will perform a final check for similarity between papers and for plagiarism. The Editorial Committee will compile the review results; sort them into accept, minor revision, major revision, and reject categories; and notify authors of the review content and results.

Author names will be blinded. If an Editorial Committee member is an author, he or she will abstain from the reviewer selection process. If different reviewers arrive at diametric judgments on the same paper, or if an author raises objections concerning the review, the Editorial Committee will reexamine the paper in question. Wherever relevant, the Editorial Committee will discuss adherence to the rules of research ethics.